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G100F Non-Woven Module Replacement for Nordson 144906-861108 H200CF

Our G100F Non-Woven module compares to the Replacement for Nordson H200CF module, part #144906 and 861108.Replacement for Replacement for Nordson® CF Spray Module 144906

G100F-PAD Module Replacement for Replacement for Nordson® 144906 (CF200 PAD Module)

Our G100F-PAD Module Is a Direct Replacement to Replacement for Nordson® P/N 144906 (CF200 PAD Module). Air open, spring close. Module is suited for applications from 450°F. (232°C)

G100FAA Module Air Open – Air Close – Replacement for Nordson 400 Series Compatible

Our G100FAA module is air open - air close. It is compatible with the Replacement for Nordson 400 Series modules. Replacement for Nordson H204 Hot Melt Applicator Replacement #274600.